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Health Awareness Campaign for AlKoot
Al Koot Insurance & Reinsurance Company held a corporate Health Awareness Campaign for Al Koot team members on the 19th of April, 2018. The Health & Wellness activities were carried out in cooperation with various medical and wellness providers: Planet Medical Center, Al Dar Optics, Diet Delights Nutrition Center and VLCC Wellness. The event comprised consultations of most of medical specialties and attracted over 100 employees. The Health Campaign is part of the Al Koot Health and Wellness Program as well as company strategy to spread the health care awareness and move to the preventative medicine. Al Koot Insurance and Reinsurance Company will offer state-of-the-art preventive programs, the latest in the world, to be a pioneer in the care of citizens and residents of the State of Qatar in the field of preventative health insurance.
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