Human Resources

To say that an organization’s greatest asset is its human capital is a gross understatement. This asset though is invariably overlooked for the simple reason that it is not captured on the balance sheet of the company. It is, however, an undeniable fact that without the hard work, commitment, dedication and sometimes, sacrifice of its employees, Al Koot could not have achieved so much within the 10 years of its relatively young corporate existence.

The Human Resources Department is one of the main departments in Al Koot. It works as an auditor of the basic functions of human resources, to make sure that the processes and procedures that are used to attain, retain, and motivate human resources are effective. In doing so, the department works with full coordination and cooperation with other concerned departments. This coordination and cooperation is essential for the effective performance of this department and other departments.

HR functions enable Al Koot to maximize the contribution of people in the delivery of the organization’s goals. ​​​

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