Qatarization is a strategic initiative by the Government of Qatar to provide employment for its citizens in the private and public sectors. As one of the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatarization targets positions that are integral to the business plans of private and public sector entities. The objective is to provide 50% or more of Qatari citizens with meaningful permanent employment.

As an organization that fully supports the Qatarization process, we are committed to successfully achieving industry-wide targets set by the Strategic Qatarization Committee.

We shall actively seek and recruit qualified Qataris to be developed for senior positions within the company both now and in the future. In addition to our in-house training and development programmes, the following measures shall also be taken in order to strengthen our drive for recruiting Qatari talent:

  • Actively participating in the annual career fairs;
  • Sponsoring undergraduates studying both locally and overseas;
  • Al Koot has a signed contract with QP Corporate Training department to train Qatari High School graduates to work in Al Koot.
  • Set up and maintain a comprehensive talent database to include all known internal and external Qatari talent, supported by continuous research.

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