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30 days cover - 50 QAR per traveller
Accidents and Emergency + COVID19 cover

QAR 50

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60 days cover - 100 QAR per traveller
Accidents and Emergency + COVID19

QAR 100

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90 days cover - 150 QAR per traveller
Accidents and Emergency + COVID19 cover

QAR 150

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180 days cover - 300 QAR per traveller
Accidents and Emergency + COVID19 cover

QAR 300

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Hayya Card Holders - 50 QAR per person
Accidents and Emergency + COVID19 cover 

Hayya card holders and their companions are required to obtain visitor's insurance policies that cover the remaining period of the Hayya card entry permit, which is January 24th, 2024.

QAR 50

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